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NMDData listing service

NMDData membership provides privileged investors the opportunity to compete for investments across all states and territories in Australia. They are active loyal investors seeking real opportunities, constantly trawling our website for new listings that fit their investment criteria.

The categories of property that you should consider for NMD are as follows:

Residential/Rural Auctions/Sales

Commercial/Industrial Auctions/Sales

  • Mortgagee Repossession
  • Deceased Estate
  • Executors
  • Public/State Trustee
  • Government Housing/DHA
  • Liquidated Assets
  • Receivership/Administered
  • Mortgagee Repossessions
  • Deceased/Trustee/Executor

Founded in 2006 and growing every day NMD Data provides the ideal competitive environment to maximize results for your vendors. NMD members are active Australia wide and invest where they find opportunities that meet their acquisition profile – the NMD categories are on every-ones list.

Promote your property on NMDData and enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Advertising your listings to an exclusive membership based target audience
  2. The most up-to-date software to enhance more detail and graphic content
  3. Your property listings will remain until sold
  4. Direct link to your agencies website
  5. Photo gallery with 8 full colour photo's and unlimited descriptions
  6. Locality map for your listing via google maps
  7. Login and edit your listings at will
  8. A free installation service
  9. Access to all pages on the site
  10. New NMD members signing up everyday

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With an annual membership fee of only $479.00 you will have access to a unique sales tool that allows you unlimited listings within NMD's classifications. NMD respects the discrete nature of the policiesof the many vendors for whom you act in these matters. NMD works with you to achieve the best outcome for the property offered for sale

As an Annual Member at the ‘AGENT LEVEL’ you will have access to a unique sales tool that allows you unlimited listings within NMD's classifications for 365 days.

This will cost $479.00 per annum or just $9.21 per week

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