Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do these properties come from?

They come from mortgagee defaults/repossessions, company & personal bankruptcies, including government housing authorities, beneficiaries of wills, State & Public trustee’s, receivers, liquidators, administrators etc.

How many properties are there at any one time?

This varies throughout the year. Typically at any one time there will be approx. between 800 & 1400 properties, 12 to 16,000 pa properties and the site is Updated daily

Can I raise a mortgage for these properties?

Yes. Any lending institution in the country will lend money ( subject to approval ) to buy these types of properties.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of Australia in the Residential, Rural, Commercial & Industrial markets.

What part of the market sector do you list on the web site?

In the residential & rural market sectors, we list mortgagee repossessions, deceased estates and housing authorities. In the commercial & industrial sectors, we list mortgagee repossessions, receivers, liquidators and administrated properties.

What types of properties are listed?

Everything from a cottage to a Mansion including villas, apartments, units, townhouses, terraces, land, factories, offices development sites etc.

Why are these properties so cheap?

In the case of mortgagee default on loans, the lender can seize the property. The Lenders main concern is to redeem the debt owed which in most cases is lower than the property's true value. In the case of deceased estates the new beneficiaries are keen to cash out and get on with their lives.

What condition will the properties be in?

Mortgagee repossessions are normally in good order but will have been empty for some time therefore a good clean and decorating may be necessary. Deceased estates however may require more extensive work and are priced accordingly.

How do I view?

Property viewing can be arranged via the respective real estate agent selling the property. We provide these contact details.

Can you provide information about each specific listing?

No you will need to contact the agent direct for all information.

Where do you find these deals?

Every day our team searches the internet, real estate magazines and all the classified newspapers both city and regional area’s in each state to provide our members with the very latest listings under our stated categories.

Is there any extra fee for this service?

No, absolutely not. This is purely an information service. We charge a simple membership fee. Access can be on a monthly, 3 monthly or yearly bases. View our packages for more details.

Do you have any beneficial interest in these deals?

No. We have no vested interest in any deals offered, nor are we paid any commission. We of course accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any consequences or losses (whether direct or indirect) which may arise for whatever reason through the use of or reliance upon any information contained in this website.

Can these properties be bought below market value?

Yes, in today’s property market 10 to 30% less market value is certainly achievable.

Will I find the same information here as on other websites?

Yes some of these listings can be found on other sites however, this website is the most comprehensive guide of its kind. Due to our searching methods we list properties that even the mainstream websites do not possess. It’s a one stop investment shop.

What if I need a point clarified is there help?

Yes. We have an online feedback service where all your questions are answered. 

How often is the website updated?

The website is updated every single day offering you the very latest in properties listed under our market sectors – nationally.

What other services do you provide?

For non-members we invite you to subscribe to Property News & Reviews, which is our free monthly newsletter. It contains the latest market trends including economic news.
For our members we plan to install an email alert system and increase our market capture and provide new innovative programs to assist in their decision-making processes.

Are security systems in place?

Yes, as a member, your username and password are encrypted and access is non transferable. NMDData has technology to detect multi log ins. Online payment is also protected by the westpac web advantage payment system.

How do I become a member?

There are 3 membership options simply make a selection and follow the prompts

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